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About This Blog

This blog is meant to offer a commentary on society as seen in the light of an anti-authoritarian and cooperativist social philosophy. Sometimes this blog’s attention will be directed at current affairs in themselves, focusing on their own inherent dynamics, contradictions and equilibria and with little overt mention of the philosophies of its writers; other times its attention will be paid to broader issues of social philosophy. And, so, besides seeking to analyze, interpret and critique current affairs, this blog will seek to continue to develop and promote the philosophy of cooperativism in contradistinction to the faulty but pervasive philosophies of authoritarianism and competitivism.

Since the words “cooperativist” and “competitivist” are not common parlance, they ought to be defined.

Cooperativism is the belief, the system based upon the belief, or the ideology propounding the belief, that the approach to life conducive to the highest level of fulfillment and social functioning for an individual considered in the context of other individuals seeking the same is cooperation with others. Competitivism is defined likewise but replacing “competition” for “cooperation”.

It is the belief of this author that all political, economic or social philosophies are either inherently cooperativist or competitivist. And, therefore, speaking in terms of cooperativism and competitivism offers us a more fundamental way of speaking of many different philosophies and the social phenomena they describe or mean to engender.

What I call “cooperativism” grew out of theoretical analyses within formal philosophy and formal economics, in particular, within decision theory and game theory. So by cooperativism I have not meant any particular historical organization around cooperation or what people in various communities have referred to as cooperatives. And in point of fact, there are many entities that have been referred to as cooperatives but which have very little to do with a truly cooperativist or anti-authoritarian philosophy. But, I also recognize, gladly recognize, that there are other people involved in what they too call a cooperativist movement and with whom, through my own cooperativist philosophy, I find myself very much in sympathy. I hope in this blog to somehow give mention to these other people’s work and, to what extent I can learn about their work, offer my own discussion of it.

The creator of this blog hopes that he will be able to enter into collaboration with others who share a like vision for an anti-authoritarian and just society. Indeed, he hopes to encourage a cooperativist federation of sorts, a charter of the principles of which he hopes eventually to introduce herein.

This blog is meant to be a place for the rational and conscientious meeting of minds. All comments in this vein are welcomed. Furthermore, the creator of this blog hopes that it will flourish into something beyond himself and welcomes contributions from other writers who wish to join in its efforts.


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